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Porcelain Fillings

Do not confuse porcelain fillings with composite fillings . Both are tooth colored but porcelain fillings are more durable, add strength to the tooth, retain their original color, maintain the height of your bite (this is very important) and almost disappear inside your tooth. You can’t see them. Porcelain fillings are heat fired porcelain, ground from a block of porcelain such as Cerec or pressed into shape as with Empress or Sculpture Fibercore. (see Josh as an example of porcelain on just two front teeth)

Composite fillings done in one visit wear down, stain and discolor, are weaker and don’t last as long. Composite fillings are made of chips of porcelain mixed in plastic. They are obviously less expensive to receive.

I recommend that composite fillings be utilized in very small cavities in the molars and can be placed in larger cavities in the bicuspids and incisors. If a large composite is placed in multiple molar teeth, your bite can slowly collapse as the molar teeth wear down. I recommend gold or porcelain in the molar teeth for large cavities.